The Top Leg Stretching Machines

Best Leg Stretching Machines

If you are looking to improve your athletic performance or simply increase your flexibility, a leg stretching machine can be a great purchase to make. These machines can help you customize the stretch to meet your specific needs and comfort levels. You'll slowly be able to increase your flexibility and range of motion as you use your net leg stretching machine.

We have compiled reviews of five of the best leg stretching machines on the market. Read through our reviews to learn more about each option and decide which product best fits what you're looking for.

Top 5: Leg Stretching Machines Review

Recommendation #4

The Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher can help you receive a very gradual leg stretch that can improve your flexibility and performance. This product has an adjustable back and adjustable leg pads to help you find the most comfortable position to sit in.

Once you are seated with one leg in each extension arm, crank the wheel. Turing the wheel will slowly move the extension arms out to the side. After your legs have been moved into your desired stretch position, you can move your body forward or backwards to get more from your stretch.

This product is designed to be durable and last for a long time. It has a steel frame and is very sturdy. It will come disassembled, but instructions are included to help you put it together without issue.


  • The back and leg pads are adjustable to help you feel comfortable and supported while you stretch.
  • The steering wheel is removable and self-locking.
  • This product has a heavy-duty steel frame for durability.


  • You'll have to assemble this product before you'll be able to stretch.

You'll be able to achieve a customized and comfortable stretch with the Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretch Machine. This product features a wheel you can turn that will slowly move your legs farther apart.

Whenever your legs are where you want, stop turning the wheel to stretch in that position. You can stretch your legs to a 180-degree angle with this model to enjoy a truly deep stretch.

This product is built-to-last. It features heavy-duty construction. The frame is made from solid steel and is covered with high-density dual layered padding.

The padding will keep your legs and back comfortable and supported throughout your stretching routine. The back pad is also adjustable to either a 110- or 105-degree angle.


  • You can adjust the machine to arrive at your desired stretch position.
  • This product features a durable and heavy-duty frame.
  • The legs and backs are padded to help keep you comfortable as you stretch.


  • This is the most expensive option on our list.

If you are looking for a product that will help you stretch your calves and hamstrings, consider the IdealStretch. This product helps you achieve an effective stretch without the dangers and discomforts of bending down to stretch.

To use it, you just need to lay on your back and straighten your knees. This position removes the pressure on your spines and keeps your hips aligned properly.

The IdealStretch is durable and will last for a long time. It has a steel frame, but is still light enough to use comfortably.

In addition to using this product to stretch your hamstrings and calves, it can also be used to help you stretch your groin, back, and knees.


  • This is a good product if you want to stretch your calves, hamstrings, back, knees, or groin.
  • It is designed using a lightweight and durable steel frame.
  • Laying down to stretch can remove pressure on your spine.


  • It may be a bit awkward or uncomfortable to pull on the bar to achieve an effective stretch.

Using the FIGROL Leg Stretcher can help improve your flexibility. This product is designed using three different poles that can be positioned to help you achieve the stretch angle you desire. The length of each pole is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights.

After completing a warm up, put one ankle on each foot holder. Then, straighten your back and pull back on the handle in the middle. This will cause the side poles to open out.

Once your legs are in the position you want, you can stop pulling on the middle handle and continue your stretch.

The handles and ankle holders are padded and covered with a non-slip cover. This will help keep your ankles comfortable and prevent them from slipping off as you stretch. This product features a tubular steel structure for added durability.


  • Each pole's length can be adjusted for users of different heights.
  • The ankle holders are padded to protect your ankles.
  • You can adjust your stretch to the angle you want by pulling on the middle handle.


  • Depending on how flexible you already are, it may not be too simple to use this product.

Dancers and other individuals looking to improve their flexibility can benefit from using the Price Xes Door Flexibility & Stretching Leg Strap. This product can be set up and ready to use in no time. You just need to have a door to anchor it over.

Once it is set up, you can use it to perform a variety of stretches and positions as you work on improving your flexibility, range of motion, and balance. There are foot or hand slots at the end of each strap you can use to secure yourself based on the stretch you are performing. There are buckles that will allow you to adjust each slot for a safe and secure fit.

This product is made using a durable 150gr cotton strap. It has a 6-millimiter D-ring made from solid metal and is secured to the door using a metal plate and bolt. It will stay in place without damaging or scratching your door.


  • You can use this product to help you move and stretch in numerous positions.
  • The foot and hand slots can be adjusted to find a secure fit.
  • The cotton strap is thick and durable.


  • A few users shared that the strap slipped out of the buckle as they were stretching.

Buying Guide

With a leg stretching machine, you'll be able to improve your flexibility. This can lead to improved performance in a variety of sports. Before making a purchase, take a little time to think about what you are really looking for.

First, consider the way each product works. Some products you will sit on with your legs open and turn a wheel to stretch them out farther. Other options are used from a sitting or lying position and will help position your legs in a manner that will help you stretch key muscles.

Another thing to consider is how easy to use each product is. Is there one clear way to use the machine, or will you need to learn a variety of positions and stretches in order to accomplish your goals.

Next, think about how comfortable each option is. Does it provide sufficient padding and support to help you get the most out of your stretch without walking away in pain?

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the different stretches and positions you'll be able to achieve with each product. Make sure you'll be able to stretch to your preferred angle is important.

Top Pick

Each of the leg stretching machines we reviewed above is a little different. Your purpose for looking for a stretching machine may influence which product type is best for you, but our overall top pick is the Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher.

This machine can will provide you with a gradual, yet effective, leg stretch. You'll quickly begin to notice a difference in your performance and flexibility when you consistently add time on this product to your routine.

The Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher is designed with your comfort in mind. It has padded leg pads and an adjustable back to help you feel supported as you are stretching.

After using this product, you'll also learn just how simple it is to use it to achieve your desired stretching positions that will provide the most benefits for your performance. Simply sit down and put one left in each extension arm. Then, turn the steering wheel to slowly move your legs out to the side.

Once your legs are in the desired stretch position, stop turning the wheel to lock the machine in place. You can then move forward or backward as your body stretches.

The Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher is a high-quality product. It is designed with a sturdy steel frame that will provide you with confidence that you made the right purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Leg Stretching Machine?

Leg stretching machines are designed to help improve your flexibility. Leg stretchers work on your hamstrings and adductors to lengthen the muscle fibers. This will allow your legs to become more flexible and improve your performance.

How Much Does a Leg Stretching Machine Cost?

There are many different styles and options to consider when you're looking for a leg stretching machine. Because of this, you'll notice a fairly large range in the prices you'll see. There are some options that cost significantly less than $100, while other products are closer to $200.

Final Verdict

We think that you'll enjoy using the Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher. It can help you prepare for your workout and increase your flexibility. What do you have to lose? Add this item to your cart today!




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