Hunting Backpacks

Hunting Backpacks

For anyone that’s ever been hunting, you’re probably aware of the importance of having all of your gear with you while doing so. There are so many different types of equipment that you have to consider bringing with you, but it can be difficult to carry it all with you.

That being said, having a suitable hunting backpack can make your hunting experience so much better, since these backpacks give you the ability to conveniently carry all of your vital hunting equipment with you right on your back.

Before you purchase a certain hunting backpack, it’s important that you consider a few things first. For instance, you’ll want to consider the size and weight of the backpack. More specifically, you’ll want a backpack that’s large enough to carry all of your hunting equipment while also not weighing too much.

Also concerning weight, you may find it beneficial to find a hunting backpack that features straps and belts in order to keep the bag secure against your body. This can help to distribute the weight of the bag throughout your body, further preventing one part of your body from experiencing too many strains over the other parts.

In addition to the weight and size, you’ll want to consider how much space and how many features the backpack comes with. For instance, you’ll want a backpack that can hold all of your gear in one trip. And the more features the backpack has, the better. Features to look for can include straps and pockets for organizing your equipment the best.

Some last factors to consider are the noise level of the backpack as well as the fit of the bag. You don’t want a bag that’s going to make loud noises while you’re using it. This will scare away animals and lessen your success while hunting. And finding a bag that fits your body like a glove can help you to decrease the amount of noise that the bag makes while you’re using it.

Finding the right kind of backpack specifically for your hunting purposes is not only beneficial but also highly recommended. You’ll have the ability to conveniently carry all of your vital hunting equipment with you while you’re hunting, and remain comfortable while doing so (1).

It can be difficult to find the best hunting backpacks for your specific needs, given all of the different features that they offer. Because of that, here is a guide of the five best hunting backpacks on the market for your convenience.

Top 5: Hunting Backpack Reviews

Allen Company 19098 Pagosa Daypack, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, 1800 Cubic Inches

You’re highly recommended to check out this Allen Company Pagosa Hunting Backpack because it offers a large amount of storage space, including 1,800 cubic inches of space for your hunting gear. Additionally, this backpack contains a hydration pouch as well as two water bottle pockets to ensure hydration while you’re hunting.

Not only that, but this backpack is composed of a high-vis lignin as well as zipper pulls that contribute to the overall durability of the bag. It’s also produced with a quiet fabric that can help you effectively navigate through the woods while you’re hunting.

Furthermore, this bag comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps that you can use in order to make the bag fit your body in particular.


  • Zipper pulls and high-vis lining.
  • Quiet fabric.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Offers adjustable straps and belts for customization.
  • Affordable.
  • Equipped with a hydration pouch.


  • Some customers complain that the zippers don’t work very well.

Unigear Tactical Backpacks 900D with MOLLE System, 40L Military Assault Backpacks for 3 Days Hiking, Hunting, Camping (Tan)

You’re advised to check out this Unigear Tactical Hunting Backpack because it has the ability to function as either an everyday carry pack for outdoor purposes or a tactical backpack for hunting. This bag is also able to store a large amount of hunting gear, since it’s classified as a 40-liter bag.

In addition to that, this hunting backpack features a 3D curved back panel that can be used to offer maximized comfort. Not only that, but the back panel also helps to effectively distribute the weight of the bag onto all areas of your back, rather than relaying all of the weight onto one specific section, causing strain.

Unigear Tactical Backpacks 900D with MOLLE System, 40L Military Assault Backpacks for 3 Days Hiking, Hunting, Camping (Tan)

Moreover, this bag has a MOLLE-compatible exterior webbing, which is ultimately able to offer the bag the most durability. The webbing is located on the sides as well as the front of the bag, adding extra protection from external factors while you’re hunting.


  • MOLLE compatibility.
  • 40 liters of storage.
  • 3D curved back panel.


  • MOLLE webbing helps you attach other bags externally.
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps for comfort.
  • Comes with dozens of pockets and straps for organization.


  • May not be as quiet as other bags.

ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer, Mossy Oak Country

This ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Bag is suggested for you to check out because it features an expandable pocket that you can utilize in order to carry your gun or compound bow while you’re hiking. This gives you the ability to safely secure your weapon and free your hands while you’re walking.

Additionally, this bag gives you the ability to organize your gear within the main compartment as well as the other side pockets for easier access to more important or smaller items.

Moreover, this hunting backpack has webbing that you can use in order to attach other bags externally for your convenience. This allows for even more storage space for your hunting gear.


  • Hydration pocket.
  • Front lashing system.
  • Expandable pocket for storing your weapon.


  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable, since it features various straps and belts.
  • Fits up to 41 liters of storage space.


  • More expensive than most other hunting backpacks.

LeisonTac Tactical Backpack with Military ISO Standard for Army Hunting Hiking Travel Camping (Gray)

This backpack form LeisonTac is recommended for you because you have the ability to choose which color backpack you want for your specific interests. This bag offers 42 liters of storage space as well as various different pockets and straps for maximized organization.

Furthermore, this backpack contains four different zippered compartments that you can use in order to store smaller items for easier access and security. You also don’t have to worry about comfort with this bag, since it comes with multiple different straps that you can use for distributing the weight of the bag.

Lastly, this backpack features webbing that you can use to add additional pouches to, like pouches for carrying a first aid kit, range bag, survival pack, fishing bag or even a torch pouch.


  • 42 liters of storage space.
  • 4 zippered compartments with internal organizers.
  • Multiple straps for comfort.


  • Available in various different colors.
  • Versatile, since it can act as a hunting bag, school bag, survival bag, fishing bag or even an everyday bag.
  • Offers protection for your belongings, since it has sponge material between pockets.


  • Doesn’t have a strap for your hunting weapon.

TideWe Hunting Backpack, Waterproof Camo Hunting Pack with Rain Cover, Durable Large Capacity Hunting Day Pack for Rifle Bow Gun (Realtree Edge)

You’re recommended to check out this hunting backpack from TideWe because it’s lightweight and durable. It’s produced with a lightweight 600-denier material that makes the bag only weigh 2.8 pounds for your convenience.

Not only that, but this backpack features a main compartment for larger gear in addition to a front organizational pocket and nine internal pockets for smaller items to remain organized.

Lastly, this backpack is user-friendly and comfortable, since it features a channeled back paneling that you can utilize in order to add more support to the bag overall.


  • Various pockets for organization.
  • Padded waist belt and channeled back support.
  • 600-denier material.


  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with a built-in removable rain cover.
  • User-friendly and comfortable.


  • More expensive than other backpacks on this list.

Buying Guide

Overall, each of these hunting backpacks is able to offer you a wide variety of beneficial features, including the ability to conveniently carry all of your hunting gear on your back, eliminating the need for you to carry anything in your hands.

Not only that, but each of these bags can be adjusted in order to fit your body in particular, and they’re also the most durable hunting bags on the market. 

Top Pick

Given the difficult of choosing the best one for your needs, you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: Allen Company Pagosa Hunting Daypack.

This backpack is the most recommended because not only is it the most affordable option, but it also has the best reviews and offers the most beneficial features for hunting purposes in particular.

Allen Company 19098 Pagosa Daypack, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, 1800 Cubic Inches

This bag offers a large storage capacity, functions quietly, comes with a hydration pouch and is adjustable in order to fit your body in particular. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Gear Should Fit in My Hunting Backpack?

It depends on what kind of hunting you’re engaging in. Not only that, but it also depends on what type of trip you’re going on, since some people carry tents and camping supplies with them while they’re hunting as well.

But almost every hunting backpack should at least have knives, fire starting tools and a measure of paracord. You may also find it beneficial to bring scent control wipes, extra ammo, flashlights, trail mix or other snacks, survival blankets and a ThermaCell if you’re inclined to do so.

You should also consider what the weather will be where you’re hunting, since you’ll want to dress accordingly and bring the necessary gear in order to make your hunting trip more efficient.

For instance, if it’s raining, then you’ll want to bring a rain cover for your hunting gear, your backpack as well as you in general. If not that, then you may find it beneficial to find a backpack that’s produced with waterproof properties (2).

Can Hunting Backpacks Be Used as Regular Backpacks?

Yes. Hunting backpacks are classified as backpacks that simply have more durable properties as well as other features that are directly beneficial for hunting purposes. That being said, some hunting backpacks offer features that can be used for purposes other than hunting.

Hunting backpacks offer features for organization, since you’ll want to organize your hunting gear within the bag. This shows that you may use a hunting bag for purposes other than merely hunting.

Are hunting backpacks necessary or can I use a regular bag?

You technically have the opportunity to use a traditional backpack or other type of bag for your hunting trip. But it’s more recommended that you use a hunting backpack, since they offer features that are specifically beneficial for hunting in general.

Traditional backpacks aren’t nearly as durable, organized or suitable for uses while hunting. That being said, you’re most recommended to find a backpack that can be used specifically for hunting in general, rather than a non-durable bag or traditional backpack.

Final Verdict

Given all of these features as well as its affordable price and high ratings, you should purchase the Allen Company Pagosa Hunting Daypack.




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