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Having to slowly and quietly sneak into your baby’s room to check on them in the crib can be a hassle, especially when they’re already being fussy that night and you end up waking them up. If you’ve ever encountered this problem, then you’re likely aware of the annoyances that go along with checking on your baby all the time.

Because of that, you may want to consider purchasing a baby monitor. They’re classified as devices that can digitally record your baby while they’re in your crib. You can set up the monitor on your crib or on some furniture around it, and then you can either listen or view your baby from your phone or the other pice of the device included.

There are various different kinds of baby monitors, so it’s important that you consider each of the types and choose the one that works best for your situation. For instance, there are audio monitors, video monitors and wearable monitors.

Audio ones record the sounds in your baby’s room, so you can easily detect when they’re crying. Video monitors record your baby visually with a camera, giving you the ability to track their movements. And wearable devices are able to monitor your baby’s vitals while they’re sleeping to make sure that they remain healthy during the night.

Aside from the different types of monitors, you should also consider a few other things in order to choose the best product for your particular circumstances. More specifically, you should consider the range capabilities of the device as well as its remote adjustments, portability and battery life.

Given each of these features, it can be difficult to choose the best monitor for your baby. Because of that, here are five of the best baby monitors on the market.

Top 5: Baby Monitors Review

Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and 3.2'' LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision

This monitor by Hello Baby-US is highly recommended for you because it features a remote pan tilt and can zoom into your baby’s crib when you want it to. To make the monitor zoom or change the direction of the camera, you have the ability to use the remote control that comes with the product.

Additionally, this monitor is easy to operate and install, since the setup only requires that you place the camera in a desired location and then plug the camera in. In addition to that camera recording capabilities, this monitor is also able to offer a two-way audio feature.

Furthermore, this monitor also comes with the ability to pair up to four cameras with the device, which can help you see every dimension of your baby’s room. 


  • 355 degrees horizontal.
  • 120 degrees vertical.
  • 3.2” LCD display screen.


  • Easy to setup and install.
  • Can pair with up to 4 cameras.
  • Two-way talk audio lets you talk to your baby.


  • More expensive than other monitors on the market.

Upgraded - Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen with 2 Cameras (White) - Featuring White Noise, Camera with Night Light, Night Vision, Talk Back, Room Temperature, Lullabies and Wide Range

You’re highly recommended to consider purchasing this Babysense video monitor because it features an LCD display screen that measures 3.5 inches. Additionally, this product comes with two cameras that give you the ability to monitor either a couple different rooms or various locations in one room.

Not only that, this monitor features a two-way talk feature that gives you the ability to talk to your baby back while they’re crying in order to calm them down. It even has built-in lullabies that you can set to play while you’re not in the room so that you can calm your baby down.

Moreover, this product has ultra-long range, since it has the ability to reach up to 960 feet. And it will even give you a warning if you’re getting out of range from the device’s limitations. 


  • Auto Infrared Night Vision.
  • 3.5” display screen.
  • 2 cameras.


  • Can reach up to 960 feet, which is father than most other monitors.
  • Comes with a Parent Unit.
  • Rotates 360 degrees for optimal visuals.


  • More expensive than some other infant monitors on the market.

Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor with Temperature Monitor, 960ft Transmission Range, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision, High Capacity Battery (sm24)

You’re highly suggested to check out this ANMEATE monitor because it contains a 2.4-inch high-resolution display screen that gives you the ability to easily see what your baby is doing in their room.

More specifically, this product includes a high-definition night vision feature as well as a temperature monitor feature that give you the ability to adequately track everything that’s going on in your baby’s room. There are eight infrared lights that give the device the ability to see in the dark as well.

Lastly, this monitor from ANMEATE has an Li-ion battery that has the ability to last for up to eight hours of continuous recording.


  • 2.4” display screen.
  • Two-way talking.
  • 960-foot range.


  • Easy installation.
  • Let’s you talk to your baby with the two-way talk function.
  • Easily sees in the dark, since it has 8 infrared lights.


  • Only includes one camera.

Peteme Baby Monitor 1080P FHD Home WiFi Security Camera Sound/Motion Detection with Night Vision 2-Way Audio Cloud Service Available Monitor Baby/Elder/Pet Compatible with iOS/Android

You should consider purchasing this Peteme device because it features a 1080P FHD resolution screen that’s able to display and high quality picture of the visuals in your baby’s room. Because of that, you can clearly see everything in the room, so you don’t confuse any shadows for other objects.

In addition to that, this monitor has the ability to tilt 100 degrees and it has a 355-degree pan that gives you the ability to see practically everything inside of the room. You can even talk to your baby if you hear them crying or fussing, since this product comes with a 2-way talking radio.

Ultimately, this monitor has perfect image quality and features a 6G lens in addition to nine infrared lights for your convenience.


  • 360-degree viewing angle.
  • FHD 1080P image quality.
  • 6G lens and 9 infrared lights.


  • Alerts you when there’s motion in the room.
  • Let’s you see 360 degrees of your baby’s room.
  • Affordable.


  • Customers claim that the battery doesn’t last for a long time.

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Sound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom & Night Light Loop

You’re highly advised to consider this VTech monitor device because it offers a crystal clear transmission image, giving you the ability to clearly see your baby in their room. This helps to eliminate the possibility of your mistaking any shadows in the room for objects or even intruders.

This device also features a 5-level sound indicator that’s capable of indicating the different levels of sound in your baby’s room. Given that, you can easily view whether your baby is crying, something fell or even if your baby is simply breathing too loudly.

Furthermore, this product has an operating range of 1,000 feet outdoors and 160 feet indoors, letting you safely walk around with the device.


  • 18-hour batter.
  • 1,000 feet operating range.
  • DECT 6.0 for clear image.


  • Affordable.
  • Battery lasts up to 18 hours, which is longer than other devices.
  • Has a 5-level sound indicator.


  • Doesn’t offer visual recording.

Buying Guide

Overall, each of these monitors are able to provide a variety of features that are beneficial for specific circumstances, including the ability to sufficiently record your baby sleeping and store the recording for your convenience.

Each of these devices is able to record your baby sleeping and properly indicate whether your baby is sleeping or awake and crying. Since each of these products features positive reviews and ratings, it can be difficult to choose the best one.

Top Pick

Because of that, you’re most advised to purchase the first product: Hello Baby-US Baby Monitor with Remote. This monitor is beneficial because it has an LCD display that’s equipped with the ability to zoom into your baby’s crib when you direct it to do so with the remote that it comes with.

Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and 3.2'' LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision

Not only that, this monitor is easy and convenient to operate and setup, giving you the convenience of simply installing the device and using it within a few minutes. The cameras are expandable, and you have the ability to store up to four cameras with this device.

Given these various beneficial features, you should purchase the Hello Baby-US Baby Monitor with Remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Monitors?

There are audio monitors, digital monitors, video monitors and movement monitors. Audio devices can record the sound that is occurring in your baby’s room, so you can either hear them breathing, crying or you can even hear other things from the room as well.

Digital monitors are essentially a higher-grade audio monitor, since they offer more security than other devices and they have a lesser chance of being hacked into. On the other hand, video monitors give you the ability to watch your baby from practically anywhere in the house.

Lastly, movement monitors help to check that your baby is constantly moving and breathing. Given that, they can prevent SIDS and other harmful diseases.

What Features Should I Be Looking for in a Baby Monitor?

Since there are various different types of monitors, you should consider varying features when you’re trying to choose the best device for your specific circumstances. For instance, you’ll want to consider its battery life. The batteries should be able to last for a long time, since the monitor will essentially always be on and you don’t want to worry about the monitor dying.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the light up indicators for sounds, since these features make it easier to detect sound coming from the device. Aside from those factors, you should also consider the range that the monitor is able to go, since you’ll want one that’s able to produce a signal from across the house if needed (1).

Why Do I Need a Baby Monitor?

Technically you don’t need a baby monitor, since you can simply walk into your child’s room and physically check on them. But this risks them waking up, and it can be inconvenient for you if you’re already in bed and simply want to know how your baby is doing.

That being said, having a baby monitor can be extremely convenient for you, even though they’re not required. Aside from the convenience of not making you physically walk into the room and check on your child, baby monitors also present various other benefits.

For instance, baby monitors can help you more easily detect any health problems that your child is experiencing, they help to record any other people that walk into the room as well as precious moments of your child and they can help you relax more knowing that your child isn’t crying for sure (2).




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